Sculpture House Casting

About Sculpture House Casting

People ask us how we’ve managed to remain in business since 1918, through depressions, recessions, wars, real estate booms and busts. The answer quite frankly, is respect. Respect of our clients. Respect of the process of casting. Respect to the ideas and desires of the artist and designer. 
Respect of our fine craftsmen who are the glue that hold our business together. 

Everything we do is handmade. Modeling, mold making, and casting. It might not be the fastest method but the end result is work that reflects the craft that was employed to produce it. The warmth of analogue in a digital world.

People often call our trade “a dying art”. We’d like to think that as long as there are creative people in the world, we’ll have a place in it.

If you would like to discuss a project, call me at 212-645-9430 or email me at Viewing some of our previous art casting projects and examples

-Michael Perrotta